If you’re anything like me, the second the calendar switches from August 31 to September 1, you’re all about that pumpkin spice life, so it’s no surprise that I love a good Fall wedding. They have fabulous (sweater) weather, seasonal food is amazing, the foliage is fabulous, plus guests usually are done with summer vacations by now. Now that it’s officially Fall, we wanted to celebrate with our favorite bridesmaid dress colors for the season!

1. Garnet/Wine

It may seem obvious, but wine colors are the perfect color for Fall. Dark reds are romantic and timeless. Plus, now that summer tans are fading (I know, I’m sad about it, too) this color complements a lot of skin tones and is flattering on everyone! If garnet feels a bit too wintery, toss some light grey or frosty colors into the mix to brighten things up.

Pair it with other jewel tones to create a bold, colorful statement!

2. Slate/Steel Blue

Hear me out. I know it’s not a traditional Fall color, but steel blue and slate blue pair well with softer Fall colors, neutrals and greenery! I could really see this being pretty in early Fall before the leaves have really started to turn.

Toss in some neutral fall colors like beiges and greys to bring more Fall into the mix. You can also get a little bolder with adding in some burgundy for a nice pop of color. Not feeling dark enough for your cold weather-loving soul? Toss in navy colors to your wedding theme and the bouquets to really balance the color out. Still not Fall enough for you? Do the dresses in velvet!

3. Evergreen/Hunter Green

My love for hunter green runs deep, so I tried to be cool and not make it the first one. But, I do seriously love it and now that it’s Fall, I can’t wait to rock this color everywhere I go.

Dark greens balance beautifully with standard Fall colors and when you look at it, you can’t help but think beautiful Autumn weather or early Winter. Add in soft peach flowers for a romantic feel, pumpkin spice orange for a super Fall feel, or greenery for a really lush feel. If Emerald feels to wintery in the same way burgundy can, balance the darker green by adding in more bright neutrals and white!

4. Blush/Dusty Rose

I know that at first, most people look at rose colors and think Spring. I really think the right blushes could be beautiful in Fall. I’m talking about some deeper blushes with a hint of a purple undertone, cinnamon rose or desert/dusty rose.

These deeper blushes blend beautifully with dark burgundy or red florals, plus if you’re thinking dark grey for the groomsmen, blushes complement with grey! If you want to get a bit darker with the colors, add some greenery in with the burgundy to have richness. Adding in some sage could be nice for early Fall. To make blush feel even more seasonal, try this color in velvet!

5. Sage/Eucalyptus

Sage has been a Fall wedding trend that I would love the see stay into 2021 and 2022! This softer green is such a great color to match with, plus from my experience with bridesmaids, it’s not a color often complained about (not that it really matters, it’s your wedding). Pair sage with some terracotta or pumpkin spice colors in their bouquet for a beautiful Fall look.

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