“I’m not a veil person,” a bride says, casually shrugging off the notion of wearing a veil after her mom asks to see one. Her mom rolls her eyes and tells me to get one anyways. And then the mom and her daughter debate the tradition of veils in front of me for five minutes. This happens at least once a week.

And I get it. How do you know you’re a veil person? It’s 2019, when would you have put on a veil? Modern brides are reshaping traditions for weddings left and right. Why should a veil be any different?

Well pause. Before you completely kick the veil to the curb, check out our top five reasons to rock the veil

1. Veils photograph beautifully.

It’s such a fun way to add a level of beauty to your wedding portraits. You can get create some magical intimate moments with the veil or add some drama to a bridal portrait. If you want some truly insta-worthy shots, your photographer can capture some amazing shots!

2. They elevate your wedding look.

Ask any veil designer, they’ll say it over and over, “the veil makes the bride.” Obviously, they have some bias, but they aren’t wrong! They take a bride’s wedding look to the next level. If your train is a little plainer, try a long cathedral length veil with a lace border to add some lace to the train. If your dress is a little simple, grab a veil with a beaded edge to add some sparkle.

3. It’s a great something borrowed!

The wedding industry does have some beautiful traditions. I’m not talking about the history of the veil, which is kind of steeped in superstition and a touch of sexism. I’m talking about the tradition of something borrowed.

Veils make excellent heirloom pieces! Brides can easily pass veils down from one generation to the next. If it goes out of style, it’s easy to re-purpose. People are less shy about cutting up or redesigning their veil. They may feel some kind of way about doing that with their wedding dress. Also, veils don’t have a size, so you don’t have to worry about the next person fitting into your veil!

4. You’ll be wearing it longer than you think.

Yes, your ceremony may only be about 15 minutes if you aren’t doing a traditional ceremony. But, don’t forget you’ll have it for photos too! And photo sessions can be long, and photos are what you keep hanging on your walls for years to come. For shorter veils, I often find it’s also a nice touch to have it on during your first dance, too!

5. When else will you wear something like this?

This seems obvious, but really only brides wear veils. I doubt that next summer, you’ll see influencers poolside with a veil on! (TBH, wouldn’t be against it. #makeveilshappen)

When else are you going to wear your wedding look? Probably not likely that you’ll repeat your wedding look again, so go big!

It’s no secret that I love veils. And you are not required to wear one. Again, it’s 2019! You do you, babe. But maybe before you decide you’re not a veil person, grab one and try it on. You may not like it after trying it on, but it may be the perfect icing on the cake.

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