Listen, we need to talk about sample sale bridal gowns. At our store, we have both sample sale wedding dresses and special-order dresses. Each appointment at LLB starts off by giving our brides, and their entourages, a tour of the store. And pretty much every time we do this tour, the sample rack gets skipped by the crew. And to me, that’s crazy! I would never sleep on a sample sale!

It’s time we removed the stigma of getting a sample sale dress. To be honest, sample sale wedding dresses are the best! Here’s some reasons why next time you’re out looking for your dream wedding dress, you may want to consider searching through that sample rack first.

1. These are budget-friendly, affordable wedding dresses.

Hi, it’s me. Your friendly wedding vendor and a former bride! I’m here reminding you that weddings are expensive in case you haven’t heard. Finding places to save on your budget is so important when wedding planning. Finding a beautiful wedding dress on sale can save you hundreds, even potentially thousands, on your wedding look. This leaves you with room in the budget for other things for your wedding (or just save you some cash/relieve financial stress). Often sample sales are full of designer styles as well, so you can find a couture, high-end style without the high-end tag.

2. You’re getting the same experience regardless.

Unless you’re shopping at one of those super intense sample sales, which honestly terrify me, you’re still getting the same experience. At Laura & Leigh, we give everyone the same one-on-one expert experience, regardless of the bride’s price point. Meaning, just because you’re budget conscious and would prefer a sample dress, doesn’t mean you don’t get the red carpet treatment! You’re still going to have an amazing time shopping!

3. They’re ready-to-wed styles.

That means you don’t have to wait for shipping. We recommend that brides say yes to the dress (or Oui at LLB) at least a year out to allow for plenty of time for shipping, production delays, inspections and alterations. What happens if you don’t have a year? Well, shipping delays could add stress to your plate. Plus, many designers will charge hundreds in rush fees, which adds to your bottom line. Rather than stress out over shipping, what if you were able to just take your dress home right away? That’s what sample sale is for! Take one stressful thing off your shoulders by taking your dress home the same day you buy it.

4. It’s more sustainable wedding fashion!

It’s not a secret that the wedding industry isn’t exactly sustainable. One of those things contributing to waste, unfortunately, is making a brand-new wedding dress. A lot of our designers are working on ways to make their gowns more sustainable (yay), but while they develop these new methods, rather than allowing more production of new garments, you can do your part by buying a gown that already exists. We love an opportunity to help save our earth and every little bit counts!

5. No, they aren’t out of style.

We hear this all the time “it’s discontinued because it’s out of style.” That’s such a big myth! Designers discontinue dresses and stores discount samples for so many reasons. And honestly, it has nothing to do with trend most of the time. Bridal gown trends actually move quite slow, so the trendy factor is a little different for our industry. Most stores will have top styles from designers that are many, many years old and brides are still ordering as though it was the gown’s first month in store. Most of the time things are discontinued due to fabric shortages or space in store. Not to mention the fact that if it’s discontinued it means it’s now rarer and more precious. This means that if there’s a gorgeous, discontinued, high-end wedding dress at half off, it’s a steal! It’s not like there are many left in the world! You could very well be one of the very last brides to get to wear that dress. So don’t turn your nose up at that sample, odds are there are a million factors that put that gown on the sample rack, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lesser dress or that you have bad style! If anything, it just makes you a smart shopper.

We hope that this helps you move forward with confidence and next time you’re at the sample rack, dig in! We hope you find a beautiful hidden treasure in there that you’ll wear on your wedding day with confidence! At the end of the day, we believe whole-heartedly that finding your wedding dress should not be stressful. Finding a sample sale wedding dress will help reduce that stress!

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