We are gearing up for our very first (of many) trunk shows at Laura & Leigh Bridal (YAYYY).

But… like… what even is a trunk show?

If you’ve been shopping for bridal gowns already, you have probably heard this term being thrown around. If you’re new to this whole wedding world, this is probably a whole new concept.

What is it? Are the dresses in trunks? Is there something cool about them? Are there elephants that will be parading through the salon like at a circus?

A Quick History

Despite having the word “trunk” in the name, there are no elephants, nor are there old trunks laying around. The name itself comes from an old tradition. Back in the 19th century, traveling salespeople (that was a thing for real) would bring samples to stores in large trunks. It would give retailers a chance to showcase more items than what their store usually has in stock.

This tradition carried on and is still used today, just in a different way. Designers send their latest and greatest wedding gown styles, just not typically in old trunks.

So, why should you care? Why would you even want to go to one?

Trunk shows are great opportunities for brides to see more styles from their favorite designers. Sometimes, these shows give brides a chance to see the latest styles before they hit stores. Most salons don’t have the space to buy every piece from every designer, so this is your chance to see more!

There are typically exciting things that happen at trunk shows from champagne toasts and special events, to visits from the designers and special discounts. Every show may be special, but not every show needs to be attended. You should really focus on the trunk shows from designers that fit your bridal style.

Each show is different, so if you see one come up for your favorite wedding dress designer, set up your appointment before it ends, because these events don’t last long!

Our upcoming trunk show schedule for Winter 2019:

  • January 25-27 – Eddy K Sky Collection
  • February 1-3 – Pronovias Atelier
  • February 8-10 – Ti Adora
  • February 15-17 – Allison Webb
  • March 1-3 – Enaura
  • March 15-17 – Ti Adora
  • March 22-24 – Allure Couture
  • March 29-31 – Justin Alexander Signature
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