“You’re a Bridal Consultant?! So, do you work with a lot of Bridezillas?”

That is the most common question I get when I tell others that my job is to help brides find their dream gown. Many find what I do intriguing mostly because they have seen all the drama displayed on “Say Yes to the Dress.” 

So, let’s get down to it: Do I deal with Bridezillas? 

Here’s my answer every time: I do not believe in the term “Bridezillas.” 

To believe in that term, especially as a consultant, means you are struggling to put yourself in the bride’s shoes. Let’s be real. We are all dealing with a lot at home and work, and when you add wedding planning (during a pandemic!) in the mix, it can get stressful! Calling a woman a Bridezilla has the most negative connotation and it is simply harmful and hurtful. Having someone express her emotions, wants and desires is completely warranted, especially in a situation like bridal gown shopping. Sure, sometimes new information may throw us a curveball, but we consultants should be trained to deal with those emotions strategically with understanding and compassion. 

Gown shopping can be super easy for some brides that have a clear vision of their day, or if they are used to wearing dresses. However, I cannot tell you how many brides really have no idea what they are looking for and feel overwhelmed…. which is TOTALLY fine. 

Brides may be self-conscious about shopping if they cannot really articulate what works and what doesn’t. They may be completely overwhelmed and change directions several times during their shopping journey. Sometimes they may have a completely different vision for their gown compared to their mom’s or sister’s vision. Brides may even begin their appointment on a low note because perhaps they received bad news concerning their wedding photographer or venue. 

What do I have to say to all of that? Brides, listen up: We consultants are here for you! I cannot stress that enough. I tell my brides many times during their appointments that I am their problem solver. I approach every appointment with compassion and empathy. I will ask the right questions to help guide you into finding your gown. If you need to vent to get something off your chest, I say, “Go for it!”. If you are having difficulty or are overwhelmed in any way, know that I have an understanding for where you are coming from, and I will work that much harder for you. 

You are not a Bridezilla. You are Human.

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