Private Appointments

Get the VIP experience with Laura & Leigh Bridal when you book a private appointment with our bridal boutique! We are introducing private appointments for our brides and their entourages to have a unique and special experience all to themselves. We'll close the store just for you so you have a one-on-one experience you'll never […]

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Laura & Leigh Bridal, 937 Church Road
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Virtual Appointments

Love is worth celebrating! And we want to keep finding reasons to celebrate! That's why we are happy to now offer all our #LLBabes virtual appointments! Virtual appointments are a great way to make progress in your wedding journey, especially now, when our brides and their entourages can't come in because of social distancing, self-quarantines […]

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Laura & Leigh Bridal, 937 Church Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 United States
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Allure Couture Trunk Show

Try on the newest, most unforgettable Allure Couture styles during our special two-week trunk show event! We're so excited to show off their dazzling new collection fit for your show-stopping wedding. Ready to save 10% and see some new dresses that aren't even in stores yet? Contact us!

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Laura & Leigh Bridal, 937 Church Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 United States
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Stacey and Ashley: A Perfect Match

It started the way most relationships start: online. Stacey and Ashley matched online and immediately clicked, bonding over their love of alcohol and Harry Potter (which, same babes, same). They spent their first date driving around and getting to know each other. It...

Your Love is Meant to be Celebrated

Since starting Laura & Leigh Bridal the thing that has been most important to me was emphasizing experience. Listen, you can get a wedding dress anywhere. I’ve been caught saying it at least once a week, “you can throw a rock and find a wedding dress in this...

Super Easy Tips for Supporting LGBTQ+ Couples for Wedding Vendors

Planning a wedding isn’t easy. As wedding vendors, we know that more than anyone. One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is the uncertainty of where to start. For queer couples, this can be even more daunting. Not only do they have to find the perfect wedding...

Party of Two: Ways to Shop When You’re Both Looking for Wedding Dresses as a Couple

What makes a good partner for life is that you actually want to do everything together! We love couples who choose to plan their weddings together and wedding decisions as a pair because they know it’s about their union, not just one person’s day. When you’re both...

Wedding Fashion Tips for LGBTQ+ Couples

Wedding planning can be a lot. It brings out emotions. It brings out stress. For queer couples, all of that can be heightened when it comes to shopping for wedding outfits in an industry steeped in some very outdated traditions. Let’s not forget, it hasn’t even been a...

This Timeless Wedding in Philadelphia is the Perfect Inspiration

In an era when one of the most common ways to meet your person is to swipe left or right and hope for the best, Aley’s love story is, as she calls it, “a little old fashioned.” Although to me, their love story feels like it was pulled out of the opening scene of a...

How to Prepare for Wedding Dress Shopping in 5 Easy Steps

Shopping for your wedding dress may seem intimidating, but we are here to turn that “to do” into a “ta-da!” with five easy steps on how to properly prepare to find the dress of your dreams. 1. Pick Your Bridal Entourage Wisely In our "Meet The Stylist" interview with...

This Romantic Tropical Destination Wedding Warmed Our Hearts

Traveling is a luxury many of us have spent the last year(s) missing. I love to travel and I love to hear about others’ stories. For me, it’s about the journey to get there just as much as the vacation itself. The same is true with weddings. I love hearing about a...

10 Wedding Dress Trends Perfect for Your 2022 or 2023 Wedding

New year, new trends. We're kicking off the New Year with a list of our favorite trending bridal gown looks! These wedding dress trends for 2023 and 2022 weddings are straight out of a dream! 1. Square Necks It’s hip to be square, from fast fashion to couture, square...

On “Bride” and Gender

In the wedding industry, same-sex weddings have been shifting the dynamics of how vendors meet couples and creating new formats for celebrating love. This has been especially true since the landmark SCOTUS case ruling that marriage is a fundamental right for all,...
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