Shopping for the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids

We all want bridesmaids dress shopping to be like the fashion montage in a movie. You and all your besties trying on the coolest dresses with fun sunglasses and boas while dancing to an 80’s classic. It’s all very John Hughes.

But, before we get to the montage, there’s a few things we should discuss, so bridesmaids dress shopping stays fun and drama-free.

We recommend starting your bridesmaids search at least six months prior to your wedding date.

Woah, woah, woah. Sounds extreme? It’s really not!

There are a lot of factors that take time and shortening that timeline adds some rather unnecessary stress.

So, why six months?

Let’s start with the early stages: just finding a color. You’re probably sick of telling people your colors already, but it’s as important to us as it is to your florist! Color determines your fabric options and which designers to go with.

If you want a specific color, it may make your search a little harder. Not to mention the endless sea of blush options! We recommend heading in with a few colors in mind and looking at the different color options from the different designers. If there’s a fabric you have in mind, let your bridesmaids’ consultant know! The options for chiffon are different than the options for satin or lace.

We love your girls as much as you do, so let’s talk about budgeting and dress style, too. You may be fine spending $500 on a dress for a wedding, but your whole glam squad may not. Be upfront with your girls. Either ask what they’re comfortable with or let them know what to expect. This way they’re prepared for what’s coming.

Now that you’ve determined pricing, colors and fabrics it’s time for the montage! Get those girls in to try stuff on!

Decide if you prefer mixing it up or keeping it classic. If you like the tradition of having all the girls in the same style, take a minute to think of all their body types. We want your girls looking hot AF, because their confidence will show in your photos, making your photos better. So, if you have one girl who may not feel her best in the dress you chose, have her try it on before committing. It sounds silly, but it’ll avoid hurt feelings.

If you want to mix it up and have each girl choose her own dress, make sure you’re comfortable with what they’re choosing. We typically recommend that you choose all the same designer and fabric for the “mixed maids” look, so that there isn’t too much color variation.

Once everyone has chosen their dress, make sure to get them measured either by the store’s consultant or a professional. We also highly recommend they speak to their sales consultant about sizing before committing to a size. The consultants are familiar with the dresses and fit. Sizing for bridesmaids may be very different from what your girls are used to!

Most stores will hold all orders until all bridesmaids in your wedding have chosen and paid for their dress. This avoids any risk of something called “dye-lot variation,” meaning all dresses are cut from the same fabric, so there isn’t any color variation in the party. The risk is low, but it does happen!

Make sure that all your girls have their orders in on time, so there is nothing holding up the order. We recommend that all girls have their dresses ordered at least five months before the wedding. This gives plenty of time for the dresses to ship and for each person to get alterations in time for your special day.  That way, your squad looks too glam to give a damn.

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