We spend A LOT of time talking about wedding gowns, because, OBVI we love them as much as you do! But in honor of our upcoming Thomas Knoell event, I wanted to take a minute and talk about the importance of your wedding jewelry. It’s an often overlooked, but important part of your wedding look! It shouldn’t be something you just run out for the weekend before your wedding! They deserve a little limelight of their own.

Here are our top reasons why we stand for wedding accessories and jewelry:

  1. It is the icing on the cake

Cake is the amazing, but the best part of cake is the icing. Even if you’re not a sugar fiend, you know the icing makes a cake look fab. Adding the right accessories is the perfect finishing touch to your look. It takes your whole look to the next level and completes it perfectly.

2. You’re not wearing that veil all night

Veils are a gorgeous part of your wedding look and are often what makes a bride look like a bride! But I’d like to point out that you’re not wearing the veil the whole night long, especially when you’re breaking it down on the dance floor.  When you take the veil out an important part of what finishes the bridal look is now gone (wahhhhh).

The perfect hair accessory keeps bridal elements in your hair, so you stand out and look like the fabulous star you are! We suggest a sparkly comb in an elegant updo, or a halo to stand out all around.

3. As our queen, Madonna, would say, “Express yourself!”

Putting the perfect accessories on your wedding dress takes your gown to the next level and is a very simple way of customizing your look. Want to make your lace fit and flare stand out? Add a fabulous belt! Want to make your elegant satin dress shine without adding glitter to the dress itself? Grab a glamorous hair piece or sparkly set of earrings. Not to mention, designers like Thomas Knoell Designs, can help you further customize your accessories with different crystals and metals to fit your wedding vision perfectly!

4. It’s something you can *actually* reuse

I’d love to say that you can reuse every part of your wedding look again one day, but unless veils come back into style for fast fashion, probs not. You can definitely re-wear your wedding earrings, bracelet or necklace again to an event or a romantic night out (*cough cough* looking at you, fiancés/future partners/spouses). Jewelry doesn’t change size either, so you can re-wear these pieces for every anniversary (yaaas, bring on the carbs)!

Pro tip: If you get a halo, you can have a jeweler switch the hook or ribbon closure to a clasp to wear as a gorgeous necklace.

5. Something Borrowed

Not everyone wants to wear their mother’s dress, for any number of reasons. It’s probably true for you, too, if you have a daughter. However, sparkly, glam earrings aren’t going out of style and don’t have a clothing size. Meaning, you can give your future daughter or daughter-in-law those earrings one day.

Recently, we saw an adorable post from Thomas Knoell Designs about a mother who gave her wedding tiara to her daughter for her first communion, and tbh, we’re obsessed.

6. Your bridal portraits will look even better, trust us!

Expect at least one or two close-up shots on your wedding day. Wedding accessories add more details to this photo, which gives you the romantic sparkle and glam you need for your bridal portraits. Say hello to your perfect profile photo on the gram!

So, when is the best time to shop for your accessories? It depends. Some brides want to do it the same day they get their gown to tackle the look all in one day. Some brides prefer to wait until their gown arrives and the focus on their accessories with their actual dress. Either way, we recommend giving yourself time to focus on finding the perfect finishing touch to make your look incredible and unforgettable.

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