We’d like to take this #FreshFaceFriday to talk about a common question we hear at the salon. “Which silhouette is right for my body?” Sometimes followed up with this line, “Don’t try that on, that won’t be flattering on you.”

It’s a seemingly innocent question or thought, which is doing much more harm than good. It’s telling women that there are certain styles they can and cannot rock. And that’s not just harmful – it’s straight up wrong!

Take the ballgown for example, we hear plus-size brides say things like they “need” to wear a ballgown because that’s all that will look good on them. But typically, when you lean into your shape, a fitted gown can be just as flattering, if not more so!

We also hear short women say, they can’t pull off a ball gown because they’re too small and it will swallow you up. For anyone who has met me, I’m not reaching any of the high shelves at Wegmans any time soon, but (spoiler alert boyfriend…cover those baby blues) hell yeah, I’m wearing a ballgown to my wedding! I don’t care how short I am! You should feel the same way – that you can choose whatever style of dress makes you feel the most fabulous!

Instead of having a conversation about which silhouette is best for which body type, we think it’s a better idea to ask what are the best features and the benefits of each type of dress.

We broke it down below, so check it out!


Nicole Spose ballgown with horsehair ruffles, sparkle tulle and glamorous bodice.

Since we took a minute to drag ballgowns a bit in the beginning, let’s talk about these fluffy beauties, also sometimes referred to as a Disney Princess dress or a cupcake dress. Either way, we love them! And here’s why: Ballgowns are really flattering. It’s kind of a trick for eyes. Because the skirt is so voluminous, your waist will look smaller. If you feel some kind of way about your hips, they’re obviously not going to be shown off in this silhouette, which can be good for anyone who would rather play up their waist! They’re also usually well-structured to support the gown’s weight and give you a little extra something in the bodice.

If you’re worried about feeling short in a ballgown, try a couple styles on first. A little tip from your resident shorties: cleaner ballgowns can have an elongating effect, as well as gowns with a continuous pattern!

This dress also gets a bad rap for being hard to move around in but wait up! Don’t forget these have the fullest skirts, which means your legs are free to let you break it down. All. Night. Long.

All around, these babies are fab.


Justin Alexander Signature A-line gown with modern lace details and plunging neckline

A-line wedding dresses are a fan fave! This romantic silhouette can do everything a ballgown can do but with a little less of the volume and weight. A-lines get their name from the shape of the dress, which looks very close to the capital letter “A.”  

Like a ballgown, they make the waist feel smaller, but what’s cool is that the lines of the A lead the eye straight to the waistline, which can be super flattering! If you’re worried that an A-line may cut you in half making you feel short, opt for an A-line dress that has some design that goes past the waistline and onto the skirt.


Allure Couture mermaid wedding dress with organza ruffle skirt and sweetheart neckline

Girl – werk it in a mermaid! These gowns are for someone who wants to celebrate their curves and say, “Man! I feel like a woman” Shania style. Mermaids hug all the right curves in a show-stopping way. They still have a fuller bottom, which can do a lot to minimize and elongate, but unlike ballgowns or a-lines, they don’t cut at the waist.

These beautiful wedding dresses show off alllll your assets (if you know what I mean). The fit, often enhanced by some serious structure, pulls in at the waist to enhance a woman’s hourglass shape. If you’re self-conscious about your curves and are worried, we still encourage you to try at least one on! It depends a lot on the style of the dress, but with the right structure and design, these gowns can really be beautiful! In our salon, we very often find that once you put a mermaid on, you won’t want to take it off!

Fit & Flare

Eddy K fit-and-flare wedding dress with low back and bold lace with sequins

Fit and flare wedding gowns are another favorite around here and it’s pretty clear why. They have a similar boom-pow effect mermaid gowns have, but they are a little less snug or poofy. Because there’s less weight to a fit and flare, there’s less structure, meaning you may feel a bit more comfortable. If you’re worried about support in a fit-and-flare gown, opt for a dress that has a higher back and neckline to support a normal or long-line bra.

Fit and flares have the flare start higher than a mermaid, which can give your legs a little extra range of motion. That way you can show off what your mama gave you, without feeling constricted. This silhouette can also elongate, because fit and flares typically don’t have the famous hard-cut at the skirt that mermaids do. These timeless dresses are super elegant and definitely worth a try!


Allure Couture sheath with plunging neckline and crystalline beadwork

There’s nothing simpler and easier to wear than the classic sheath style. Sheaths are easy-breezy with a little less structure than other wedding dresses. They’re often light weight and not too fussy. Sheaths can be quite flattering because they show off your figure, without hugging it too hard.

Plus, because they don’t tend to weigh you down, they won’t swallow you up. This means the focus is back on you and less on the dress. One word of caution with the sheath, if you like this style but you want structure, you may have to search a little harder. Not all sheaths come with a lot of boning!

We want you to feel perfect on your wedding day and sometimes trying something on that you wouldn’t expect is the way to find that perfect look!

Justin Alexander Signature satin ball gown with black belt accenting the waist

We hope this overview gives you the confidence you need to try something you may not have! Your body type should never dictate which gown you choose. It should be about what you feel confident in and what fits your dream wedding vision!

We also know that not every day you are in love with how your body looks, but remember. There’s a person who loves you and how you look! You know that’s true because that human wants to spend their life with you! What could give you more confidence than that?

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