Today it happened…again.

I’m talking of course about the question we are asked most often at Laura & Leigh Bridal.

When do I order my wedding dress?

To me, this is so obvious, but not everyone is as obsessed with all things wedding like I am!!

Today, it was an especially important question because our bride’s wedding is a month away. And I get that it’s confusing. A month should be PLENTY of time to order something. But not in our world. A month is almost too late (and I say almost because I had to pull quite a lot of strings to make sure our bride was able to find the perfect gown. But really…girl…it’s late).

We mostly get asked this question at the end of an appointment when a bride wants to take her time and decide. Well, first thing is first: if you feel like you need a day or so to decide, take it! If this is your dream wedding gown, it will be your dream wedding gown tomorrow. Taking a night to think about it is perfectly okay. While most girls say, “yes” the same day, not everyone has the same decision-making process. Don’t let yourself be pushed into something you’re not ready for.

But that’s a topic we’ll delve into in another blog post – right now we’re talking about timelines!

Starting The Search

The ideal answer is at least a year out. I know it feels like forever away, but really you should start searching at least a year away from your wedding. If you don’t have a year until your wedding, that’s okay. But get your cute butt out there and start as soon as you can!!

The timeline for searching and deciding goes back to the whole gown-making process. Most designers need at least four to six months to make a gown. YES! It does take that long! This isn’t a maxi dress you’re buying off Amazon. They are complicated and intricate works of art that take time to build for each bride.

Creating A Dress

This isn’t a random time frame that we just make up to get brides to buy too soon. It’s established to give you time to really search and process, so you’re not feeling pushed, or wind up needing to pay extra for a rush fee (which is so not ideal).

But, okay. The dress takes four to six months to make, so then why not just wait to buy six months out? NOPE. No can do. The store needs time to get the gown from the designer and check it for quality. This could take some time. So, just because the gown is done in four months, doesn’t mean it’s ready for you. Plus, you always need to prepare for the worse-case scenario. What if your gown runs a little behind schedule? That would not be so good. It’s best to give yourself some pad time.


The gown has arrived and passed inspection! YAY! But, wait. You need alterations. Most seamstresses need about two months for alterations. This gives them plenty of time to do the work needed around your schedule. Of course, alterations can be done in less time, but that’s not ideal for you or the seamstress. This means that the seamstress must move quickly through the process and it also means that you will have less flexibility to get alterations done based on your busy schedule. Usually alterations take place close to a tough time for brides. The two months leading up to a wedding can be hectic and if you’re adding stress from alterations, that’s not ideal!

Decision Time

The best time to decide on the gown is at minimum eight months out. That way you have time for shipping and alterations. If you don’t have all that time and you’ve started a little late, that’s okay. Just get to a salon quickly and talk to your consultant about your options. There are ways to make the process go faster!

Choosing a gown is a total process. Starting a year or more out makes that process a little less stressful for you. This shouldn’t be something that causes brides worry or stress, choosing the perfect gown should be fun!

Want to start your gown search? Give us a call at 856.779.0384 or email us at info@lauraandleighbridal.com and we’ll help you get all set!!

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