One of the biggest effects Coronavirus has on weddings is the obvious: wedding dates being postponed. This raises the question I bet none of you thought of when you first planned your wedding: What happens when your wedding slides into a new season?

Some brides plan their wedding around getting married in a very specific season and chose very specific colors or fabrics for their bridesmaids based on their date. Not everyone chooses bridesmaids dresses that way, but for those who do, moving seasons can present new complications. For example, choosing petal pink dresses thinking you were getting married in May and moving your wedding to November.

We’ve put together a little guide on how to adapt your bridesmaids’ dresses for a new season if you had to move your original wedding date.


Check in with your florist and talk through updating your flower arrangements for your new season. Your florists are experts at this and can really help adapt to your new wedding date! If you’re going from a warm-weather wedding to sweater weather, switch the bouquets to have fall coloring, jewel tones or deeper colors. For example, if you chose petal pink dresses for a May wedding, but now you’re saying “I do” in November, consider adding deep reds to your bridesmaids’ bouquets.


Accessories have always been a great way to change up a look. You’ve probably done this before during a normal day without really thinking too much about it. Grab a blazer to put over your fave LBD for while you’re at work, take it off and throw on some cute heels for a date after. Take your accessories skills and apply them to your wedding!

Consider adding a new sash or sparkle to your bridesmaids to help match your new season. If you’ve switched to the winter, add some sparkle or glam to your bridesmaids’ dresses! Consider a beaded belt, a sparkle headpiece or dramatic earrings. Switching their shoes to metallic could also help for moving to a winter wedding. Consider even checking online for some (faux) fur stoles to cover shoulders!

If you’re switching to a warmer date, consider light colored accessories or pearl details. You can also coordinate fabrics and add a light-colored sash to the dresses.


Not every dress can be altered from season to season, but there are tricks that can be done in the alterations phase to change up seasonality. If you’re switching to warm weather, ask your seamstress to thin out straps to make them more like a spaghetti strap, or even see if it’s possible to make the dress strapless. You can also see if it’s possible to open a slit or shorten the dress to tea or knee length. This will especially help if you’ve chosen a satin fabric to make a more fall/winter fabric more appropriate for a warmer weather wedding.

If you’re switching from warm weather to cold, see if you can order extra fabric and have your seamstress make your girls some shawls to drape over their shoulders, or ask about boleros to give your girls a sleeve.

You can also ask about ordering a bit of fabric to sew in a satin or velvet sash on the dresses or get even more creative and swap out the straps to be satin or velvet too.

Before you jump on any of these alterations ideas, talk to a professional or the store you purchased from to make sure they are doable and affordable!


Okay. I know shoes are accessories, but I had some things to say about shoes and then the accessories bullet felt too long. I LOVE shoes and their power to change an outfit. Yes. They are powerful.

If you find yourself now in a summer wedding, have everyone switch to a light or nude colored open-toe shoe. If you’re not afraid of being a little casual with it, maybe even let it be a pair of summery flats or strappy sandals. Add a pop of color too to add some brightness, especially if you originally chose a dark color for your bridesmaids.

For wintery weddings, switch shoes to metallics. Metallics are perfect for the winter season because the winter is all about silver and gold. You could switch to an interesting velvet or textured shoe. Plus, never forget about the classic closed toed black shoe. Never fails!

Deeper neutrals like a light brown or dark tan color are good for fall. You can mix it up and pick some good fall colors to coordinate with the dress, such as burgundy shoes with a blush dress or a hunter green to go with a champagne dress.

Hair and Make Up

This is the easiest option of the bunch and doesn’t really require you to buy anything or change up your budget! Ask your hair and makeup artists what they think about switching up your bridesmaids’ looks to be more appropriate for your new wedding date, for example hair down, smokey eyes and deeper lip colors for fall and winter, or lighter blushes, neutral shadows and hair up for spring and summer. They’ll have TONS of ideas for how to work makeup and hair for your new date.

The point is, there are plenty of ideas for how to re-adapt your wedding. Lean on your vendors as much as you can and reach out to us if you find yourself in this situation. I can’t really change an order once the designer has it and started production, but we can find creative ways to adapt the dresses to fit your new vision. Also reach out individually, we can probably find something that applies to your wedding specifically. The best part about the wedding industry is that it’s filled with good people who believe in what they do. Let us help you adapt to your new wedding date!

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