Girl, it’s written in the stars, the perfect bridal gown is out there just waiting for you! Whether or not you believe in the awesome power of the Zodiac, it can sometimes give us insight into your personality, traits and fashion (plus, who doesn’t love their weekly horoscope). Find out what your sign says about your wedding fashion and what you may be drawn to when searching for your dream dress.

As the first sign of the zodiac, you’re no stranger to leading the pack and setting trends. Your bold style is perfect for looks straight out of fashion week and you’re not afraid of looking creative. You’ve already probably been scrolling on Insta for the upcoming bridal trends of 2020. You may like sleek and streamlined looks, but pair it with an amazing accent or accessory. We suggest rocking a clean dress that has a surprise twist or structural design element.

Our recommendation: Bellatrix by Pronovias

Why we love it: This dress design has the right balance of being elegant and fashion-forward. You’ll love the clean, fitted silhouette, but the real show is the back. Your guests won’t be able to stop talking about its sleek, statement-making design. Upgrade the look with a high bun to show off the design in the back.

Just because you love comfort doesn’t mean you don’t love looking amazing or making a statement! During the day you may live for the perfect jeans or yoga pants, but you still love being fashion forward and can really appreciate good quality. We recommend a dress that you will feel comfortable all day and all night, such as a flowy and light-weight lacy A-line or nice stretch crepe!

Our recommendation: 6834 by Stella York

Why we love it: This dress has the best of everything: it’s interesting, comfortable and classic. Crepe is a great fabric for you, Taurus, because it’s easy to move around in and has some stretch! You’ll really appreciate the beautiful French lace on the bodice and elegant train. Not to mention, the show-stopping back with the timeless button detailing that makes a statement your guests will love.

Okay you social butterfly, we know you don’t like to be confined to one thing and are constantly looking for unique ways to mix it up, so that you don’t feel pinned down. You aren’t one to repeat outfits too often and know how to work accessories to keep it fresh. We recommend switching up your look from ceremony to reception with detachable elements, like sleeves, a cape or a skirt – hello, two looks in one!

Our recommendation: Ti Adora’s Allegra

Why we love it: This gown has it all! This fashion-forward crepe and lace dress has a unique, detachable banded neckline, so you can shock guests with your new look at the reception. This simple switch from straight neckline to sweetheart is just enough to make sure you’re not confined to just one look all night. Its lightweight design helps you bounce from table to table to greet your guests and still have time for the dance floor. Make this your own and express your style by changing the bodice color or ordering the dress with or without the lace overskirt.

When you think Cancer, you think classic. You may love your staples and stick to them, but your style is anything but stuffy or dull. Your fashion is all about dreamy, feminine designs that are both elevated and elegant. We recommend a timeless, clean ball gown or lace fit and flare. Your wedding dress will wow the crowd and be the style people are still looking for years from now.  

Our recommendation: Allison Webb’s Eden

Why we love it: You can sometimes have your head in the clouds and this dreamy ball gown is straight from your fantasies. Its elegant lace bodice is finished with a feminine cummerbund band and bow. The clean, classic skirt is as timeless and romantic as it gets! Pair it with a classic, ribbon edge veil or sparkly studs and get ready to watch your guests tear up!

Everyone’s heads turn when you enter a room and you’ve never been one to shy away from the spotlight. You need a gown as strong, daring and dazzling as your bold personality. We suggest adding some sparkle or a unique pattern to your wedding look, or even brave some color to your look. Ball gowns are great silhouettes for your regal status, Leo. Want something fitted instead? Mermaids are a great way to show off your killer curves in a bold way.

Our recommendation: Allure’s C520

Why we love it: This Allure gown is a trend-setter, so it will appeal to your desire to lead the pack when it comes to fashion. Only a true Leo could pull off the gown that has it all: sparkle, drama and an unforgettable design. Take it one step further and pair it with a tiara or statement piece of jewelry!

It’s no secret that Virgos are meticulous and can appreciate details. You are a powerful person who gravitates towards sophisticated and tailored designs. You welcome a hint of sexiness but prefer to keep it simple. We recommend clean, classic styles or a tonal design where the lace and lining are the same color. You can’t be bothered with designs that make you feel like a cupcake or chandelier, so we suggest an elegant sheath or fit and flare with a simple raw-edge veil.

Our recommendation: MD270 by Eddy K

Why we love it: The dress is so classic and sleek! It’s sophisticated design and structured matte Mikado fabric will appeal to your love of tailored classics. The trumpet silhouette has just the right amount of sexy without going over the top, and the unique seamlines and button accents give you just the right amount of details. Elevate it with a crystal comb and classic updo!

Hey there, trendy Libra! You are a master of mixing with looks from day to night, classics with a twist, refined and sexy — probably because of your love for balance. You always look pulled together and dressed for the occasion. We suggest a dress that brings equilibrium to your wedding fashion: like a high neckline with a low back or an embellished bodice with clean skirt.

Our recommendation: Emme by Allison Webb

Why we love it: This dress may be clean and classic, but it’s still trend-setting and way ahead of the curve with its show-stopping bow. It has a high bateau neckline but balances it out with a statement-making low back! Not to mention the perfect amount of harmony that only a Libra could appreciate created by the balance of the bold, black bow and clean ivory dress.

Alright all my fellow sexy Scorpios, we love to look powerful and sexy while keeping it simple and polished. Scorpios may be an emotional group, but they don’t express it with their outfit choices. Scorpios are bad bosses who are decisive about their style. Hey, we like what we like, okay? We suggest wedding styles that are both feminine and edgy. Think low plunges and high slits or an illusion bodice, yet fuss-free.

Our recommendation: NIA20871 by Nicole Spose

Why we love it: This wedding gown has unique, bold neckline with an edgy beaded lace, but softens it with feminine touches speaking to our true Scorpio souls. Plus, the surprise high slit shows off just the right amount. Scorpios do have a reputation, after all 😉. Pair it with bold earrings that turn heads as much as the dress itself.

Okay, social adventure seekers, we can’t wait for your destination wedding! Already got my bags packed for whatever your wedding has in store. Your bridal dress should match your Insta-worthy lifestyle, so pick styles that have as much razzle as your dazzle. We recommend choosing something beaded and bold, like a sparkly A-line, or something lightweight that can easily fit in a suitcase.

Our recommendation: Beau by Enaura

Why we love it: Like you, this dress brightens up a room. It’s elegant, unique design blends in with different venues and cultures. We can see it on the beach with sand between your toes or in a fancy European chapel. Its comfortable A-line silhouette gives you comfort to move around the room and enjoy the party! Finish the look off with a flower crown or classic updo with an embellished comb.

You are a go-getter and we hope your partner is ready to buckle up and enjoy your ride to success. It’s no surprise that your fashion matches your inner drive with tailored designs and high-quality fabrics. You always know how to amaze people with how put together and impeccable you look. Sophistication and fit will be key when finding your bridal gown.

Our recommendation: Kensington by Allison Webb

Why we love it: You’ll love the clean, sophisticated fabric and neckline delicately embellished with pearls and crystals. Its clean crisp design and pleating along the waist are the perfect elements for the tailored look you crave. Getting married close to your birthday? Pair it with a classic stole. This dress also looks amazing with a raw-edge veil and simple, yet flashy headpiece.

You march to your own drum and don’t care too much what the magazines say about what the wedding trends are for 2020 or 2021 (you’re too busy setting trends, anyways). All you want is a dress that speaks to your innovative and free-spirited soul. We suggest a wedding dress that has a unique design or fun color: something as fun and vibrant as you!

Our recommendation: Cortina by Justin Alexander Signature

Why we love it: This design is whimsical and different, speaking to your unicorn of a personality, Aquarius. Its swirls are captivating and innovative. Plus, you aren’t one to shy away from color, and it’s dove colored lining is perfect for you! Put the finishing touches on this look with a beaded veil or a flowy, boho hair style.

Imaginative and artistic Pisces, you often gravitate towards soft styles that match your go-with-flow personality. You are a romantic at heart and your gown should reflect that! You will probably feel the most yourself in something that is romantic, boho or even a little rustic. You may like flowy designs, but you aren’t afraid of being a little sexy. We recommend a tulle A-line with a low back or a fitted dress with a unique lace.

Our recommendation: Ramsey by Ti Adora

Why we love it: This dress’s soft, sheet lace and unique trim with its low neckline are perfect for your romantic side. But the soft silhouette and bell sleeves show off your imaginative side. You aren’t afraid of a little color, which is perfect because this dress comes with a cashmere-colored lining. You aren’t just about the boho though, so opt to pair this dress with a crystal halo or a collection of sparkly hairpins.

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